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Netherlands vs Argentina

Posted by RB Kollannur on July 9, 2014

Netherlands and Argentina have very little in common historically except that they were ruled at different times by Spain. The traditional European rival of Argentina are the British who holds the contested Falkland Islands in the Atlantic. But even before that, Britain had occupied Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, briefly in early 1800s and later neighboring Montevideo (Capital of Uruguay), before being expelled by local forces paving way for Argentine independence.

Netherlands has a long history of presence in the Americas. They controlled Recife, one of the World Cup hosting towns, for more than two decades. Suriname, north of Brazil, is a former Dutch family. They had ventured into Chile and maintained a base there for a while. But the Dutch never managed to hold on to any position in present day Argentina.


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Netherlands vs Costa Rica

Posted by RB Kollannur on July 5, 2014

The year was 1624. The Dutch West India Company led by Jacob Willekens and Pieter Heyn landed in the Brazilian city of Salvador. Without support from Europe, the capital of Brazil did not stand much of a chance. A defence force of 3000 was prepared in haste to withstand the attacking navy, but many of the new recruits abandoned at first sight of the Dutch artillery. It soon fell to Dutch hands, but Dutch left behind a nominal force at Salavador and took the war booty back home. Salvador remained in Dutch hands for another year, till Brazil’s Spanish masters (Spain and Portugal was united during this time, so was Netherlands but they were actively in rebellion) send out a fleet in 1625. Salavdor was retaken after a short siege.

The Dutch would sent more fleets to Salvador for relief, but this time Brazil was better equipped and would never again fall into Dutch hands.

The year is 2014. A Dutch football team has landed in Salvador and will be taking on a group of Costa Ricans soon.

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Netherlands vs Mexico

Posted by RB Kollannur on June 29, 2014

Both Netherlands and Mexico have surprisingly lot in common. Both fought for independence from Spain, albeit in different centuries, and won. Both also had the misfortune of having a French Emperor named Napolean install a monarch on them.

The Low Countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) were once a group of counties and duchies that had a questionable allegiance to France. All these states were consolidated by marriage and conquest into the Duchy of Burgundy. But when the Duchess of Burgundy married the Archduke Maximilian of Austria, the future of Netherlands got tied onto that of the Habsburg dynasty. In 1556, the Netherlands became part of the Habsburg kingdom in Spain, Philip II. However his Spanish upbringing and strong Catholicism were at odds with the Dutch people who were turning towards Protestantism. In 1568 led by William of Orange, stadtholder of Holland (Sort of a representative of the king), the Dutch would rebel for independence. For the next 80 years, the nation would be in a state of transition with Netherlands finally gaining independence from Spain in 1640. Belgium would remain part of Spain (and later Austria).

Mexico declared its independence from Spain in 1821. A former general, Agustin de Iturbide, was crowned Emperor, the only one of the First Mexican Empire since it would be dissolved in 1823, making way for a democratic nation. Initially Mexico also included Texas and all of Central America except Panama, but after the dissolution of the Empire, Central America would become a separate nation, while Texas would declare independence from Mexico in 1836 (Subsequently merging with USA in 1845).

In 1806, Napolean installed his younger brother Louis as the king of Netherlands. The monarchy was short lived however, because Louis refused his brother when he demanded for troops against Russia. Netherlands was subsequently annexed by Napolean.

In 1864, Napolean III (son of aforementioned Louis) would send an army to conquer Mexico and install an Austrian prince as its Emperor, only to subsequently withdraw (and leave the Mexican Emperor to be executed) to maintain good relations with US.

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