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Germany vs Argentina

Posted by RB Kollannur on July 13, 2014

Argentina has a large German immigrant population. Like neighboring Brazil, they also gained from the unstable Germany post Napolean, in their nascent years. Their natural rivalry with Britain meant that the Argentinians were encouraged to retain a strong bond with Germany. Argentina stayed neutral for WWI despite Germany sinking couple of Argentinian merchant vessels and their attitude continued for most part of WWII as well.

However that changed with Pearl Harbour. USA made a persistent attempt in recruiting all the other American nations to her side. A military overthrow and a new government would eventually lead to Argentina joining the Allies in March 1945, right in time for the victory dance. The relations between Argentina and Germany continue to remain strong, with Argentina accused (for good reason) of harboring escaped Nazi soldiers. For most part the German immigrants in Argentina are naturalized and speak Spanish, but their impact on the nation remain strong. The current President of Argentina has German ancestry via her mother.


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Brazil vs Germany

Posted by RB Kollannur on July 6, 2014

In the southern corner of Brazil there are the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. Along with neighboring Uruguay, they were a bone of contention for Spain and Portugal with competing claims. Eventually Uruguay fell under Spanish influence, while the Brazilian states were taken into Portugal. This changed in 1820s when Argentina and Brazil separated from Spain and Portugal respectively. A war was fought and Uruguay became independent.  The aforementioned states also formed a republic, Riograndese Republic, which was subsequently conquered by Brazil in 1845.

The formative years of the Riograndese Republic also saw a huge influx of immigrants from Germany. Germany, at that time, was a loose confederation of kingdoms, principlaties, duchies and counties, before being united into the German Empire in 1871. The 1820s saw an exodus of Germans to America for better opportunities away from the political uncertainties at home. Most of these immigrants went to USA, but a large chunk went to Brazil.

Today, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina share a strong German heritage. But things haven’t been all easy for Germans in Brazil. In its initial years. the Nazi party, looking to extend its influence outside Germany, looked for the German Brazilian population. For a while, the Nazi party in Brazil was the party’s largest foreign contingent. In both the world wars, Brazil started at a neutral position. But after Germany sunk Brazilian merchant ships during both the wars, Brazil took up arms against Germany.

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France vs Germany

Posted by RB Kollannur on July 4, 2014

The year was 843. The place was Verdun (Verdun-sur-Meuse in present day France). Three brothers; Lothair, Louis and Charles, assembled to divide the largest German nation among themselves. The Carolingian Empire covered present day France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, northern half of Italy and parts of northern Spain. Amassed over a century, it was one of the largest nations in Europe since the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

The three brothers, along with a fourth brother Pepin who died in 838, had been fighting the Emperor Louis I the Pious since 818 for control over his vast domain. For most part, thought, they had lost. But in 840, Louis I died and the brothers inherited the Empire from their father. In true Frankish custom, the realm had to be divided between the sons.

The eldest, Lothair, received the imperial title and Middle Francia, the middle part of the empire. Louis, also called the German, received the eastern part and Charles, the youngest also called the Bald, received the western part. As time progressed West Francia became France and East Francia became Germany.

Lothair died in 855 and Middle Francia was again divided between his three sons. But it didn’t take long for their uncles to attempt seizure of their lands. Since then the nations created by Louis the German and Charles the Bald – Germany and France, have been locked in battle for Lothair’s land. Recently the fighting has been largely limited to Alsace & Lorraine, currently in France, but have switched sides a few times the past two centuries.

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Germany vs Algeria

Posted by RB Kollannur on June 30, 2014

The German people made a grand entrance into the civilized world in 113 BC seeking out the Roman Republic from their home in Jutland. In 105 BC, a massive battle was fought between the German forces of Cimbri and Teutones against that of Rome at Arausio (called Orange these days and the place where the Oranje gets their name) ending in the latter’s massacre. While Romans were fighting against Germans, they were also fighting against Numidians of Jugurtha in North Africa. Numidia was one of the earliest kingdoms based in present day Algeria. Rome would beat both the Germans and the “Algerians”, but the reforms that Rome took to win the war led to the collapse of the Republic.

The next interaction between the Germans and Algerians came in the fifth century. Another German tribe, Vandalii / Vandals, would temporarily hold on to the northern coast of Algeria. Much later in the sixteenth century, Charles V of Germany (Also son of Joanna of Spain) would conquer few of the ports in Algeria, including present day capital Algiers.

 Much has already been said about Germany and Algeria footballing history, which is why I left that bit out.

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