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Argentina vs Belgium

Posted by RB Kollannur on July 5, 2014

Not that long ago, Belgium spend a year or so without a working government. Having spend most of its history as part of different nations, Belgium became a single nation only in 1830, but it had a stitched up feel, with a Dutch north and a French south. In 2007, electoral differences between the two halves led to a 196 day hiatus in governance. The situation worsened in 2011 when it seemed for a while no government can be formed. Partition of Belgium into two was a frequently heard discussion. Eventually government happened, after 589 days.

Argentina had a difficult time in its formative years to form a government. Buenos Aires had something of a monopoly on trade given its strategic position and it wanted complete control of the nation. The result was a civil war with the federales on one side, looking for better representation of all provinces against the unitarios pushing the Buenos Aires agenda. From 1826-1880, Argentina was embroiled in a civil war to decide the position of Buenos Aires. During the inital years of the civil war, there was no government in Argentina with the nation remaining as a loose confederation of provinces. Buenos Aires would break away from Argentina in 1852 only to rejoin after victory in 1861. However, the tables got turned in 1880, with the federalization of Buenos Aires.


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Belguim vs USA

Posted by RB Kollannur on July 2, 2014

Belgium and USA share a well connected history. It is in Brussels that the US led NATO found its headquarters, giving regional importance to an otherwise thrown around piece of land.

For most of its history, Belgium has had to play second fiddle to other nations. Like its northern neighbor, Belgium spend many years under French, Burgundian and Spanish rule. But while Netherlands was independent by 1640, Belgium was retained by Spanish thanks to the efforts of the Duke Alexander Farnese of Parma, the Governor General appointed by Spain (Also the great grandson of Pope Paul III). From there it continued to be part of other countries – Austria (after 1713), France (Part of Napolean’s Empire) and finally when it was added to Netherlands as a buffer between the Dutch and the French. However, the religious and economic differences of the two Low Countries forced Belgians to work towards independence, which it got in 1830.

Belgium was devastated by WWI and it took the efforts of a certain Herbert Hoover (Later US President) to rein in the world to support Belgium in their recovery. Hoover organized the Commission for Relief in Belgium which had a significant impact in helping Belgium. Belgium would later return part of the favor during WWII – by sourcing uranium from its African colonies.

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