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Germany vs Argentina

Posted by RB Kollannur on July 13, 2014

Argentina has a large German immigrant population. Like neighboring Brazil, they also gained from the unstable Germany post Napolean, in their nascent years. Their natural rivalry with Britain meant that the Argentinians were encouraged to retain a strong bond with Germany. Argentina stayed neutral for WWI despite Germany sinking couple of Argentinian merchant vessels and their attitude continued for most part of WWII as well.

However that changed with Pearl Harbour. USA made a persistent attempt in recruiting all the other American nations to her side. A military overthrow and a new government would eventually lead to Argentina joining the Allies in March 1945, right in time for the victory dance. The relations between Argentina and Germany continue to remain strong, with Argentina accused (for good reason) of harboring escaped Nazi soldiers. For most part the German immigrants in Argentina are naturalized and speak Spanish, but their impact on the nation remain strong. The current President of Argentina has German ancestry via her mother.


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Netherlands vs Argentina

Posted by RB Kollannur on July 9, 2014

Netherlands and Argentina have very little in common historically except that they were ruled at different times by Spain. The traditional European rival of Argentina are the British who holds the contested Falkland Islands in the Atlantic. But even before that, Britain had occupied Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, briefly in early 1800s and later neighboring Montevideo (Capital of Uruguay), before being expelled by local forces paving way for Argentine independence.

Netherlands has a long history of presence in the Americas. They controlled Recife, one of the World Cup hosting towns, for more than two decades. Suriname, north of Brazil, is a former Dutch family. They had ventured into Chile and maintained a base there for a while. But the Dutch never managed to hold on to any position in present day Argentina.

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Argentina vs Belgium

Posted by RB Kollannur on July 5, 2014

Not that long ago, Belgium spend a year or so without a working government. Having spend most of its history as part of different nations, Belgium became a single nation only in 1830, but it had a stitched up feel, with a Dutch north and a French south. In 2007, electoral differences between the two halves led to a 196 day hiatus in governance. The situation worsened in 2011 when it seemed for a while no government can be formed. Partition of Belgium into two was a frequently heard discussion. Eventually government happened, after 589 days.

Argentina had a difficult time in its formative years to form a government. Buenos Aires had something of a monopoly on trade given its strategic position and it wanted complete control of the nation. The result was a civil war with the federales on one side, looking for better representation of all provinces against the unitarios pushing the Buenos Aires agenda. From 1826-1880, Argentina was embroiled in a civil war to decide the position of Buenos Aires. During the inital years of the civil war, there was no government in Argentina with the nation remaining as a loose confederation of provinces. Buenos Aires would break away from Argentina in 1852 only to rejoin after victory in 1861. However, the tables got turned in 1880, with the federalization of Buenos Aires.

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Argentina vs Switzerland

Posted by RB Kollannur on July 1, 2014

Both Argentina and Switzerland have the same unique talent. Both know how to get into very excessive debts very quickly. Unfortunately for Argentina, they tend to be bad in repaying their debts. For many centuries, the Swiss mercenaries fought in armies across Europe. Argentina’s colonial masters, Spain, also employed them, but it is doubtful that they were used in the American continents.

Switzerland was the base for a German tribe called Alemanni who were conquered by Franks. After 843, they became aligned towards Germany in the east. They sided with France in Burgundian wars against the German Emperor, Maximilian I (Formerly Archduke Maximilian of Austria who married the Duchess of Burgundy) and paved way for their independence and developed their reputation as a world beating force.

Argentina gained independence from Spain in 1816 after the Napoleanic Wars. It was a larger nation then including areas in present day Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, but it would soon break up. Even then, it would take some time for Argentina to become a stable nation. Civil wars continued till 1880 before Argentina could hope to remain as a single nation.

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