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Brazil vs Colombia

Posted by RB Kollannur on July 5, 2014

Brazil and Colombia share a boundary in the Amazon rain forest. One of the last places in the continent to be colonized, Brazil now controls most of the rainforest. Ironically it was the Spanish who made the initial settlements. Barred by the Treaty of Torsedillas of 1494, Portuguese stayed out of Amazon initially while Spanish conquistadors explored the region in search for booty. It was in 1615 that the Portuguese ventured out of their assigned area. Spain and Portugal was in union at this time, but it won’t be along before Portugal became independent.

In 1615, Portuguese seized the French base of Saint Louis (Present day Sao Luis in Brazilian state of Maranhao) and the next year gained control of the mouth of Amazon. Portugal gradually gained more land along the river moving upriver. Manaus, one of the host cities  of the World Cup and one of the city of Amazon’s origin was founded in 1694 by the Portuguese.  Soon it became a fight for control between Spain and Portugal. But instead of a fight by soldiers, it was by competing Catholic missionaries – Spanish Jesuits and Portuguese Carmelites. Eventually the Portuguese won out.

In 1750, the western border of Brazil separating it from the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru was decided. It took another decade or so to decide on the northern border separating Brazil from the Spanish Viceroyalty of New Granada (Of which Colombia and Venezuela were part).


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World Cup 2014 previews of a different kind

Posted by RB Kollannur on June 28, 2014

Readers of this blog may know I tend to lean towards history whenever I write. So, starting with the Round 0f 16, I thought I will give a preview of the history of the nations involved in the game (No, not footballing history). Not many of the nations meeting in the quarters have significant connections in the past, but let’s how things go as the tournament progresses.

Round of 16

Match 49 – Brazil vs Chile

Match 50 – Colombia vs Uruguay

Match 51 – Netherlands vs Mexico

Match 52 – Costa Rica vs Greece

Match 53 – France vs Nigeria

Match 54 – Germany vs Algeria

Match 55 – Argentina vs Switzerland

Match 56 – Belgium vs USA

Quarter Finals

QF1 – France vs Germany

QF2 – Brazil vs Colombia

QF3 – Argentina vs Belgium

QF4 – Netherlands vs Costa Rica

Semi Finals

SF1 – Brazil vs Germany

SF2 – Netherlands vs Argentina


Final – Germany vs Argentina

For the people asking, why no preview for the loser’s final, the answer is in the question itself.

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