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Germany vs Argentina

Posted by RB Kollannur on July 13, 2014

Argentina has a large German immigrant population. Like neighboring Brazil, they also gained from the unstable Germany post Napolean, in their nascent years. Their natural rivalry with Britain meant that the Argentinians were encouraged to retain a strong bond with Germany. Argentina stayed neutral for WWI despite Germany sinking couple of Argentinian merchant vessels and their attitude continued for most part of WWII as well.

However that changed with Pearl Harbour. USA made a persistent attempt in recruiting all the other American nations to her side. A military overthrow and a new government would eventually lead to Argentina joining the Allies in March 1945, right in time for the victory dance. The relations between Argentina and Germany continue to remain strong, with Argentina accused (for good reason) of harboring escaped Nazi soldiers. For most part the German immigrants in Argentina are naturalized and speak Spanish, but their impact on the nation remain strong. The current President of Argentina has German ancestry via her mother.


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