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France vs Germany

Posted by RB Kollannur on July 4, 2014

The year was 843. The place was Verdun (Verdun-sur-Meuse in present day France). Three brothers; Lothair, Louis and Charles, assembled to divide the largest German nation among themselves. The Carolingian Empire covered present day France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, northern half of Italy and parts of northern Spain. Amassed over a century, it was one of the largest nations in Europe since the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

The three brothers, along with a fourth brother Pepin who died in 838, had been fighting the Emperor Louis I the Pious since 818 for control over his vast domain. For most part, thought, they had lost. But in 840, Louis I died and the brothers inherited the Empire from their father. In true Frankish custom, the realm had to be divided between the sons.

The eldest, Lothair, received the imperial title and Middle Francia, the middle part of the empire. Louis, also called the German, received the eastern part and Charles, the youngest also called the Bald, received the western part. As time progressed West Francia became France and East Francia became Germany.

Lothair died in 855 and Middle Francia was again divided between his three sons. But it didn’t take long for their uncles to attempt seizure of their lands. Since then the nations created by Louis the German and Charles the Bald – Germany and France, have been locked in battle for Lothair’s land. Recently the fighting has been largely limited to Alsace & Lorraine, currently in France, but have switched sides a few times the past two centuries.


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