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Germany vs Algeria

Posted by RB Kollannur on June 30, 2014

The German people made a grand entrance into the civilized world in 113 BC seeking out the Roman Republic from their home in Jutland. In 105 BC, a massive battle was fought between the German forces of Cimbri and Teutones against that of Rome at Arausio (called Orange these days and the place where the Oranje gets their name) ending in the latter’s massacre. While Romans were fighting against Germans, they were also fighting against Numidians of Jugurtha in North Africa. Numidia was one of the earliest kingdoms based in present day Algeria. Rome would beat both the Germans and the “Algerians”, but the reforms that Rome took to win the war led to the collapse of the Republic.

The next interaction between the Germans and Algerians came in the fifth century. Another German tribe, Vandalii / Vandals, would temporarily hold on to the northern coast of Algeria. Much later in the sixteenth century, Charles V of Germany (Also son of Joanna of Spain) would conquer few of the ports in Algeria, including present day capital Algiers.

 Much has already been said about Germany and Algeria footballing history, which is why I left that bit out.


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