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Costa Rica vs Greece

Posted by RB Kollannur on June 30, 2014

One of the youngest nations remaining in the World Cup against one of the oldest, Costa Rica and Greece both became independent in the 1830s.

While Greece became independent from Ottoman Turkey in 1832, Costa Rica became independent first from Spain in 1821 to be part of the Mexican Empire, then in 1823 as part of a united Central American nation and finally in 1838 as Costa Rica.

As the southernmost of the states of the Spanish viceroyalty of New Spain, Costa Ricans were not allowed to trade with their southern neighours, Panama, during Spanish rule. Sparsely populated, Costa Rica remained economically weak during this time. Now, however, they are one of the best economies in Central America with key exports like electronic products and, if you believe Jurassic Park, dinosaurs.

Greece has had a long and turbulent history, with some pages missing between 1100 BC to 800 BC. Most civilizations in the world saw some cataclysmic change take place around 1100 BC. As per their mythology, for the Greeks, it was the fall of Troy and the conquest of Greece by the Heraclidae (Sons of Heracles/Hercules). It is apparent that these invaders (Dorians) were later integrated into the Greek community and formed an integral part of the Greek people. The diarchy of Sparta was one of the Greek nations built by Dorians and were said to be ruled by kings descended from Heracles.


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