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Spot the Differences – Manmohan Singh and Flavius Belisarius

Posted by RB Kollannur on April 1, 2009

Manmohan Singh was called upon by the Congress President, Sonia Gandhi, to lead the India when Congress gained control of the House after 8 years. After successfully completing five years in office, Manmohan Singh gained popularity among the masses and within his party where he was seen as a political outsider. However, as the next national elections came, where he was projected as his party’s undisputed leader, he chose not to run for election, relying on his membership in the nominated upper house of the Parliament – a membership that would expire midway through the next legislature and can be renewed with the support of the Congress President. Though Manmohan Singh lacked political expertise prior to 2004 when he became the Prime Minister, his rule for the next five years gave him enough popularity and support to ensure his victory in an election.

Flavius Belisarius was called upon by the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Emeperor, Justinian I, to lead the Eastern Roman army to conquer the erstwhile lands of the Western Roman Empire. After successfully conquering Carthage and Italy, General Belisarius gained popularity in Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire and was given Roman Triumph, the last one ever. However, as he stabilized Byzantine rule in the Adriatic, at the height of his popularity,  he was called back to Constantinople by the Byzantine Emperor. Historians see it as a move by Justinian I, concerned by the General’s increasing popularity, to remove the popular General before he became a threat to his throne.

Why did Manmohan Singh choose not to stand for election? Is it because Sonia Gandhi told him not to, so that three years down the road, Rahul Gandhi can step into Congress leadership with no danger of a popular political rival against him?

PS : For the readers familiar with Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, General Bel Riose was based on General Belisarius, though the former suffers a much worser fate.


3 Responses to “Spot the Differences – Manmohan Singh and Flavius Belisarius”

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  2. wanderlust said

    manmoron singh and popular? you gotta be kidding me!

  3. Arby K said

    Never heard of any manmoron singh

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