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Scheduling an IPL

Posted by RB Kollannur on March 24, 2009

With all the hoo-hah going over IPL having to be shifted outside India because of elections, I thought before commenting about it, I should at least have a look at how easy or difficult it is to come up with a schedule that keeps everyone happy. First is the limited window available for everyone to play. With the T20 World Cup starting in June, there is limited option to extend it. Though on paper most of the host cities have a lot of time to host, together they need to host 59 games over 45 days. And therein lies the second problem. With only one game a day (except for weekends) it becomes difficult to host the event without multiple games on weekdays. The initial schedule drawn up had multiple events of the weekdays as well. Now with this already tight schedule, when you add on the blocked days to election, everything goes haywire.

Taking all these into consideration, I thought I’ll first attempt to make a schedule before anything. There is a lot of ambiguity over the cushion needed for our police to prepare for the polls and be ready for securing IPL. I’ve taken a 4 day cushion on either side of voting in a state and came up with a slightly long schedule (from Apr 10-May 24) with no semi-finals or finals. I’ve also taken care to ensure that no team or ground will host games consequetively, but not beyond that.

Do comment, if u think it is actually feasible to still have the event in India.



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