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Why Are We Still Talking About Antulay?

Posted by RB Kollannur on December 21, 2008

“Now how come instead of going to the Taj or the Oberoi he went to such a place where there was nothing?” – AR Antulay, Minority Affairs Minister of India (at least at the time of writing)

One week on, I still cannot understand the furor being created by the “so-called” contraversial comments made by the Minority Affairs Minister. The Indian media has been up in arms demanding his resignation for making such an irresponsible statement suggesting a conspiracy behind Karkare’s death and hurting minority sentiments. Although he did not verbally mention any conspiracy in the above statement, reading between the lines, the media interpreted Antulay was indicating that there was foul play behind Karkare’s death.

Oddly enough, I am still trying to find whether anybody has actually bothered to answer the question Antulay raised – Why would Karkare go to Cama Hospital when there was so much happening at Taj, Oberoi and Nariman?

Let us actually analyse what happened in those early hours of the terror attack. I am writing based on the information I have come across in the Indian media and I hope what I have written is accurate. Four groups of terrorists attacked Taj Mahal Hotel, Oberoi Hotel, a house at Nariman Point and the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus in the wee hours of 26th November 2008. While the first three group stayed at the place they attacked, the group of CST attempted to flee. The CST group later reached Cama Hospital where they were frantically trying to locate themselves, while trying to find a way to escape. The other three holed up at their objective with hostages, probably with the cops staying guard outside the perimeter to make sure nobody escaped.

Now what will a cop do in such a situation?

Will a cop try to chase down the criminals trying to escape or go to negotiate with criminals who were in no position to escape, while others escaped? The answer is so obvious that the only uproar it should have created was whether Anutlay was in his right senses when he made that comment. (He apparently was)

Karkare and his colleagues went to Cama Hospital because they were cops and they trying to catch criminals. Though their death was unfortunate, the only captured terrorist happens to be one among the same that Karkare was trying to catch.

Instead of adding conspiracy theories where there were none, the Indian media should have ignored the statements of the Minister as a weak attempt to seek attention and nullified any damage his comments may have caused for its lack of common sense. Unfortunately, they played right into his hands and gave him the publicity he was seeking.


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